WB's "The Tom and Jerry Show" renews for Season 2

I will be scoring all new episodes for the series, which will air in Fall 2015 on the Cartoon Network.

Trinom3's "Details are Sketchy" is available for digital download via Bandcamp

All versions of the album from Hi-res to mp3 are available at trinom3.bandcamp.com

"Swindle" for Nickelodeon

My latest score for Nick; a caper movie in the style of 70's funk meets 60's spy movie music. Jonathan Judge directs and Scott, Michael and Co. are always a pleasure to work for.

Trinom3's CD, "Details are Sketchy" will release in May

We finally got the packaging together to get this out to everyone. The band will do a mini tour of California in June to support the release. It will also be available as a download at the usual sites.

WB has brought back "The Tom & Jerry Show"

April 9, 2014 is the premiere of The Tom & Jerry Show on Cartoon Network. I have scored half of the 56 episodes plus a double episode Christmas special with these zany characters back for more mayhem. This has been an intense and rewarding experience for me, with the style ranging from classical to old school big band jazz. Warner Bros, Renegade Animation - Darrell and Ashley, and Jim Praytor have done a spectacular job on the series, keeping it true to the original. Really fun stuff!

Previous Updates

Started production on Trinom3, my organ trio's first CD release. We will be recording over the summer and plan a early fall release. More local gigs to happen during this time.

I have returned to one of my other passions, participating in a band, performing and writing. I have an organ trio with two fabulous musicians, Mike Clinco on guitar and Kendall Kay on drums. We are playing a mixture of funky soul jazz and European atmospheric jazz. Performances have been locally around Los Angeles and we hope this to be an ongoing project. Come visit us on Facebook, and YouTube.

Please welcome Lisa Wasiak to Team Tongerland. Lisa will be handling all music licensing situations for my catalogue.

"The Suite Life Movie" January, 2011

I scored Zach & Cody's last project at Disney, The Suite Life Movie. I had a great experience working with director Sean McNamara and the team on this one.

Spring 2010: Disney and Action Heroes May, 2010

Scoring Den Brother for Disney. I also collaborated with John Debney on Iron Man 2 and Predators, contributing musical sound design and synth work.

I am part of a new documentary about rock & roll and it's role in bringing down the Berlin Wall. On camera interview and song contributions. Due out end of summer. Very interesting, check it out.

More info: www.rockinthewall.com / http://www.facebook.com/rockinthewall

WDR's "Bayou Boogie" January, 2010

Wrote and produced "Love Is A Magical Mystery" (Keith David vocals) for Walt Disney Records', Bayou Boogie, music inspired by Disney's animated film The Princess and The Frog.

'Red Ribbon' and 'Christmas Is Here Again" October, 2009

I also had the pleasure of contributing two songs to the musical theater production Red Ribbon - The Musical, which premiered in Hollywood on November 29th December 2009. Christmas Is Here Again gets a soundtrack release via iTunes, Amazon and other digital music stores.

Nickelodeon's 'Boy Who Cried Werewolf' October, 2009

Scored The Boy Who Cried Wolf for Nickelodeon Pictures. The film stars Brooke Shields and was directed by Eric Bross.

Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure September, 2009

Wrote and produced "Fly Away Home" (Alyson Stoner vocals) for the soundtrack to Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure.

"Princess Protection Program' June, 2009

Princess Protection Program premieres during the summer. The debut on The Disney Channel hits an all time high 8.5 million U.S. viewers.

'Wall-E' songs on iTunes July 8, 2008

I wrote 3 songs for "Wall-E and Eve (Music inspired by Pixar/Disney's WALL-E)". Walt Disney Records asked me to write a groovy, pop song incorporating the robot Wall-E's quirky sounds and vocalizations. Things went so well that they asked for a couple more songs. "Clean Up Time" and "Signs of Life" were both written using the environmental theme that runs through the movie as inspiration. Available now on iTunes.

Disney's 'Princess Protection Program' July 11, 2008

I've started scoring Princess Protection Program for Disney. It stars Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

Also... I spent a month working with Randy Edelman on the score to Sony's summer tentpole movie, The Mummy 3: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor.

This past year I've really spent a lot of time writing pop songs again. I've written about 15 songs in various styles, and producing the tracks has been loads of fun. The TV series, Poltergeist - The Legacy, has made a bit of a resurgence lately. It's great to see it again in syndication this year, along with The Outer Limits.

String session at Abbey Road Studios April, 2008

I wrote an orchestral string arrangement for the end title song "This Is Home" by Switchfoot, which is featured in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. We recorded the orchestra at London's famed Abbey Road Studios.

September 10, 2007

Started the year with an episode of ABC's Masters of Science Fiction, working with producer/writer Sam Egan, who I spent a lot of time with during the Outer Limits run. I also scored the film Christmas is Here Again, an animated feature film with Brad Garrett, Ed Asner, Kathy Bates, and other great voice talent. I also arranged and orchestrated the eleven songs in the movie. Quite a project!

Got involved with a really touching documentary, Where's Molly. I scored this very personal film for Jeff & Cindy Daly. The Where's Molly website is a really interesting visit. To learn about the story, go to www.wheresmolly.net.

Then there's War Games The Dead Code for MGM, working again with director Stuart Gillard. Always a pleasure! Wargames is a big action suspense movie with a big score to match. Also in '07 there was the fourth season of The 4400 (it's not official, but this might be the last season of the show). It's been a great ride with Scott Peters and Co. Scott did a great job directing four episodes this year, and I had a fun time scoring them.

I'm now finishing up Twitches Too, for Disney. The sequel to Twitches, it is a fantasy/adventure movie for the Halloween season, airing Oct. 5th.

I wrote three songs with Charlotte Martin. We are having a lot of fun writing together. We plan to keep it up.

A live project is in the talking/planning stages. Too early to talk about. All I can say is that it will be melodic, groovy, funky and probably have organ in it!